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Crystal Set - Grounding
Crystal Set - Grounding

Crystal Set - Grounding

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The perfect accompaniment to our Intention Board and Mandala Crystal Grid, this grounding crystal set will help empower your little one to talk about their feelings, create inner peace and practice gratitude.

Tree agate is a stone that acts like a tree's roots, connecting us to the earth's energy. A powerful grounding stone, this crystal creates inner peace, by creating emotional balance, calming nerves and protecting from negative energy.

Clear quartz is known as a healing stone. It amplifies energy, so is powerful at helping you set intentions and achieve your goals. Clear quartz absorbs energies easily, so it is important to cleanse them often.

Labradorite is a most magical stone, said to hold the powerful energy of the great northern lights in physical form. It can support your intentions by calming an overactive mind, stimulating imagination and bringing about new ideas. Labradorite encourages strength, can banish fears and insecurities and helps perseverance through times of change.


Set contains:

  • 6 x Tree Agate
  • 6 x Clear Quartz
  • 100g Labradorite 



Age: 3 + Years. Contains small parts.