Crystal Set - Self Love


The perfect accompaniment to our Intention Board and Mandala Crystal Grid, this self love crystal set will help empower your little one to talk about their feelings, invite positive energy and practice self care and love.  

Peach moonstone: is the perfect stone for soothing emotions, supporting the heart and stimulating the mind. Use this stone as an emotional support for your little one, soothing worry or anxiety. Known for its loving, soothing properties, this crystal holds loving energy. Hold it in your hand before you use it, sending your loving energy into the stone. 

Clear quartz: is known as a healing stone. It amplifies energy, so is powerful at helping you set intentions and achieve your goals. Clear quartz absorbs energies easily, so it is important to cleanse them often.

Rose quartz: is the stone of unconditional love. The ultimate loving stone, it opens the heart to promote love, self love, friendship and feelings of peace. Calming and reassuring, this crystal encourages self forgiveness and acceptance


Set contains:

  • 6 x Peach Moonstone
  • 6 x Clear Quartz
  • 100g Rose Quartz



Age: 3 + Years