MINDFUL Potion Kits

Our Mindful Potion® kits are designed to harness the magic inside you. Each kit includes spell cards with directions, affirmations, ingredient story card and Digital download "create your own potion card"


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Moon magic potion kit with a girl sprinkling ingredients into a bowl. A circle on image stating "positivity & gratitude"
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Boy holding affirmation cards. card says " i am resilient like a dragon's unbreakable scales"
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Potion kit with childs hands looking at affirmation card that says i am unique like a mermaids tail shimmering in moonlit waters
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child in the woods sitting on a tree stump with a potion set up
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Child dress in wizard outfit looking at a card with a cauldron in front
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Affirmation card saying I am hopeful like a fairy wishing their dreams into reality. Potion bottles, dried rose petals called enchanted rose spilling out of cotton bag.
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Girl reading a potion card about being creative. In a kitchen at the bench with the potion box open and a black cauldron set up.
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cotton bags with ingredients spilling out. Affirmation cards about monsters.
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Potion bottles laid out on table with ingredients, cotton bags and an affirmation card that says I am restored like a warm sun dawning on a new day
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Based on 628 reviews

This is my second one of these sets and my kids absolutely adore them

Lavender sister moon cauldron

My grandaughter loves it! Mixing potions and making up her own.

So adorable

I purchased this for my daughter and it is so cute! I also got her a postion kit and spoon to accompany it. These products are the perfect thing to capture her creativity 😍 I absolutely love it!

Wild Adventure kit

My granddaughters ages 4 and 7 had so much fun. We saved some of the potion in a tube so when they need it they have it. They now know a teaspoon tablespoon and cup measurements. So education too.

My daughter is going to love this for her birthday

Heart Spoon

Love it

This inspired so much creativity

My sister purchased this for my 4yo daughter. She absolutely loved it. We have been having a hard time with her giving up her pacifier at night so it was surprising that all on her own she wanted to make a Potion to add her pacifier too (we gave her a small give the next morning in exchange). She wanted the Potion to sit overnight so that the pacifier fairy could see it and turn it into a toy. I'm really impressed because this was completely on her own. We use the set almost daily and she loves for me to explain the affirmations.

Triple Bowl
Paris Mignone
Good For Tiny Guests

What a lovely way to enjoy some snacks with your tiny humans 🥳 This beautifully crafted triple bowl is a favourite in our home 🏡

Witches Ladle
Paris Mignone
Crafted From Nature

I simply love the fact that these beautiful pieces are all sourced from nature & each one will be different. It’s a great way to reconnect with Mother Earth 🌎

We love our potion kit.
I expected to only be able to make each of the potions once but there enough ingredients to make them all a few times!

Lovely little cauldron

I purchased the cauldron with a Moonlight Waters potion set. My 7 year old absolutely loves it. The affirmations are sweet & she's loving mixing all the potions in her very own lavender cauldron. Would recommend and purchase again.


It is really great.

Magical Affirmations

These beautifully crafted wooden bowls & magical utensils are a lovely way to reconnect with the earth & with the power of nature. I hope to see more natural products from this wonderful Aussie business 🥳 10/10 🙏🏻

Gorgeous cauldren perfect for inspiring magic

This is the sweetest little cauldren. My daughter has spent so much time using it to make potions. It has become a very relaxing activity while she uses her imagination and plays with nature. Very special.


My daughter LOVES her potion kit, my only wish is that we could buy the individual ingredients to top up, as the liquid runs out long before the pouches

Hello Nancy,

Thank you for your lovely review!
You certainly can buy additional liquid refills individually. You can select to purchase your Potion kit with the liquid refills or choose to buy the refill jars in a set of 2!

Magic regards,

Quick delivery, beautifully presented in the box, very well packed

Beautiful deluxe gift which will bring so much joy. Lovely packaging and option to refill is fantastic.

These spoons are just perfect!! The natural wood is just perfect!! NY daughters love them and I know they will be treasured!!

Sweetest imaginative play!

I have ordered 5 kits, and they are so sweet. The kids have had so much fun mixing and creating using the recipe cards for potions. Thank you for your creative thoughtfulness. We have so many amazing ideas to keep these kits going.

Kids loved it

So imaginative, the kids had a blast and giggled over the ingredient names. They had fun finding their own ingredients from nature to add, reading the magic words, hunting outside for magical worlds. It was a great afternoon together and we all had fun

Perfect 👌

The cuteness and quality blew me away ❤️🐣

Butterfly spoon
Marika Ingram
A touch of Butterfly magic

Cute butterfly design to help stir all the potion ingredients together. A lovely size for little hands. Beautiful wood that is smooth and soft to the touch.

Magical Serving Spoons

Beautiful serving size spoons for little hands to measure out their ingredients. Smooth and soft to the touch.

The perfect accessory

A beautiful accessory for potion making. Adds to the magic to using the beautiful ingredients.