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Welcome little potion makers! 


Crafting potions is an enchanting and fun way to discover the magic inside you. Using nature-based ingredients and a mindfulness approach, our Mindful Potion Kits help manifest positive thoughts and create a strong mindset. Our Playful Potion Kits are an introduction to mindfulness, helping younger children to slow down and be in the moment.



Your potion kit includes magical ingredients that have been lovingly sourced and made for you. Please be careful when opening bags and bottles as ingredients may spill. Liquids should be shaken before each use and more water can be added to prolong their use when they are nearing the end. Tighten liquid bottles tightly if taking them on an adventure as they may leak. All glitter is either natural (mica) or eco-friendly (biodegradable) glitter. 

*Please keep ingredients in a cool dry area, especially if you live in an area with high humidity*



Some colouring from potions may stain. We recommend potion making as an outdoor activity using a potion mixing bowl, spoons and a cup or jug of water. If creating potions inside, we recommend using a tray or chopping board to protect surfaces. Remember to clean up your special potion making tools afterwards so you can use them again next time. Due to the non-toxic nature of the ingredients, all potions can be discreetly disposed of in the garden (not on the grass as the ingredients contain salts which can damage grass)



Our wooden potion play accessories are handmade from natural wood. All wooden items are different and blemishes, knots and scratches may occur in the wood. Wood can crack in extreme temperatures and with temperature changes. Avoid hot or cold temperature changes and avoid using boiling or ice water. Do not leave water and potions in your bowls and accessories. Once you've finished playing, tip out your potions, wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a cloth. If the wood is drying out, you can rub with some coconut oil to preserve the wood. Please note that wood is a natural resource and will degrade over time.


We encourage adults to supervise children while playing with their potion kits, helping them to find the answers they are seeking. Kits are aged 3+, with the younger ones requiring adult help with reading and understanding. Kits contain small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Please take care around small children. Our ingredients are all environmentally friendly and non-toxic and are NOT for consumption. 


Ingredients contain citric acid and salts that may sting cuts and dry out little fingers and citric acid may irritate the skin. Please use a spoon for scooping and stirring potions. Avoid contact with sensitive skin. Wash hands with water and avoid contact with the eyes. Citric acid can cause eye damage. If direct contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool running water and seek medical attention. Please see individual items for ingredients listings and contact us at for any queries or clarification.



We have tried very hard to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible, however due to child safety we chose to use PET plastic bottles for liquids. PET plastic is the most easily recycled, but we are still waiting for Australia to catch up in regards to recycling. We encourage you to re-use your potion kits and vessels, filling with your own ingredients. 



Your kit is just the beginning of your magical journey and the spells are here to guide you. Use the information from your kit to get creative making your own spells. Potion kits can be added to, and new spells created. Did you know your backyard and the great outdoors are a treasure trove of enchanted ingredients? Adventure into your garden or maybe the park and source other ingredients that can be used to create your very own potions and elixirs. The more you practice, the more powerful you will become.



We recommend reading each card before you start, to understand what is required for each spell. Each kit has enough ingredients to complete each spell with some to spare. Remember to read both sides of the cards. Each potion recipe card has an accompanying affirmation on one side that can be kept as a positive reminder after you have completed your potion.



Magic is all around us, in the ground we walk on, in the wind that moves through the trees and in our hearts. To believe in magic is to believe in yourself and that anything is possible. A spellbinding journey of natural discovery and enchantment awaits!