Enchanted Garden Mindful Potion Kit - awarded GOLD

We are so thrilled that our Enchanted Garden Mindful Magic Potion Kit was awarded GOLD at the Clean + Conscious Awards for Kids Activities 4+ for 2021.

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What the Little Potion Makers Say (Reviews)

Once upon a time in backyard land, a believer created a natural potion to bring the fairies to her enchanted garden. Selecting, measuring and mixing ingredients. A delightful aroma drifted throughout the land, the potion glittered, bubbles and created mindful magic.

Sunshine trickled through the tree leaves, the fairy garden sparkles as the potion and fairy spell came to life.

Fairies, all the colours of the rainbow gathered. They danced upon mushrooms, glittered delicate wings, sand. Gentle harmonies and filled the heart of one little Believer with beautiful memories.


"As a Kindergarten teacher this is an enchanting way of provoking imagination and environment awareness in children in the most beautiful and everlasting way.

By allowing children to explore with their imagination anything is possible “we all have magic inside of us” J K Rowling."

Sam Mcgaw

I could not love these @thelittlepotionco kits more. Not only were they the perfect kit from Santa for Kennedy who loves who loves to make potions out of all sorts things, but they are so beautiful. Every detail, from the spells and how they help encourage our kids to do the ingredients themselves. I couldn’t recommend these kits enough.


Making Magic!

Not sure about you but when I was little I was totally obsessed with magic. Fairy magic specifically. As I got older it never really left me to be honest and I always believed in having the power within myself to attract positivity. When I saw magic kits from @thelittlepotionco I could not resist. Totally amazing, with Little potion cards and affirmations for your little ones. Levi and Eden really loved this activity.


Your creations are just next level, the thought that goes into these kits is just amazing. From dragon eggs and scales to the names of everything that comes in the kit. It seriously makes potion play nothing but magic and imaginations go to a whole new level.  - @thesunkissedfolk

I placed my very first order this week. A birthday gift for a 7 year old Wizard! I received it today and i just have to say that it is just so gorgeous. Your attention to detail is stunning! What a beautiful gift to give....keeping the magic alive for our most precious people. Thank you.

I will most definitely be purchasing more and sharing the magic!

Lauren Selek

Once Upon a Time

there were two sisters who grew up dreaming of fairies, magical lands and mythical creatures. One day they grew up and lost their way, and all the magical creatures disappeared from their lives. As they grew older and had their own children they remembered the joy of childhood, of making mud pies and floral elixirs, fairy gardens and magical potions.

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