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Make playtime magical with

Mindful Magic® potion kits

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Want to create a positive mindset through the magic of play?

OUR POTION kits will help encourage children to tap into their creativity and imagination and help them to learn confidence and self belief through the potion play.

Easter Collection

Needing some easter gifts with a little less Chocolate but a whole lot of magic?



We absolutely love the mindfulness incorporated into this potion kit with the beautiful affirmations. It's been a great way to calm down big emotions after a long day. - Melanie

It can be difficult for my son to stay focused on an activity but the magical kits from little potion co have been a wonderful play alternative that has kept my 5 yr old engaged and entertained. Highly recommend - Gaby

Sister Moon Lavender Cauldron

Exclusive TLPC design

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Once upon a time...

there were two sisters Alicia and Jacinta who grew up dreaming of fairies, magical lands and mythical creatures.

As they grew older and had their own children they remembered the joy of childhood, of making mud pies and floral elixirs, fairy gardens and magical potions.

So whilst their little ones slept, they mixed ingredients and colours and scents. They wrote recipes and spells, rhymes and magical affirmations.

They wanted the spells to have meaning and purpose and their Potion Kits to be full of magic, positivity, affirmations and fun.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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