Frequently Asked Questions

What country are you based in?
We are an Australian based company. All kits and ingredients are hand made and packed from our Melbourne studio.

What is a Mindful Magic® Potion Kit?
Our Mindful Magic Potion kits are designed to harness the magic inside you, using the power of imagination. In each kit you will find ingredients for crafting magical potions, potion recipe cards with instructions and affirmation cards to amplify the magic. These positive ‘spells’ and affirmations can help children overcome fears and deal with different emotions, through imaginative creative play and positive experiences. 

What age is a Potion Kit suitable for?
We recommend our kits for ages 3+ with the younger ones requiring adult help with reading and understanding. Depending on the child, we think the potion making magic will still appeal to children up to the age of around 12. Though we have also had many adults love our potion kits too. You really just need to believe in the magic! Our kits contains small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Please take care around small children.

What happens with the potion when we've finished playing?
The real magic is in the potion creating, the reciting of the affirmations, the intention when making the spells and the mindful play. When you've created your potion, you can bottle it up and keep it to reuse, you can freeze it and use again in other sensory play. You can put a drop on a favourite toy or amulet to contain the magic. Some kids like to keep their magical potions in their bedroom, under the bed for sweet dream spells, as a special elixir to call the fairies or maybe as a calming bottle to relax while you watch the shimmer.

How do I dispose of my potions?
Due to the non-toxic nature of the ingredients, all potions can be discreetly disposed of in the garden. Please note that salts can affect grass so please dispose in an out of the way part of your garden. You can also pop it in the bin or down the sink (glitter is biodegradable and safe for waterways). If you decide to keep your potion, you can sieve out the nature elements (flowers etc) before you bottle it up, so it will last longer.

Are your ingredients environmentally friendly?
Yes! All our ingredients are non toxic and eco friendly, using ingredients found in the pantry and in nature. All glitter is either natural (mica) or eco-friendly (biodegradable) glitter. Please contact us if you have any allergies and we can advise on ingredients. We only use BioGlitter® which is the only certified glitter to completely break down in fresh water in 90 days. Please see more information HERE

All of your ingredients are environmentally friendly but you use plastic bottles. Why is this?
Good question! We initially wanted to use glass bottles and vials but glass and kids don't mix well all the time. In our testing we had a few accidents with broken bottles which we didn’t think were safe around our kids. We have tried to keep our kits as environmentally friendly as possible. We hope that you will reuse your potion bottles for many years or pass them onto friends when you have finished. Our bottle are PET plastic, which is the most easily recycled plastic. We are just hoping that one day Australia will improve upon their recycling facilities and options.

Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship internationally to some places. If your country does not come up at checkout, please contact us to check availability. Please note you will be liable for any taxes that need to be paid on arrival of goods into your country. We will not be liable for any taxes paid for importing goods into your country. We have recently relaunched into the UK and EU via our Etsy store here:

Please see our Shipping Info page for more information.