The Magic of Mindful Potion Making

The Magic of Mindful Potion Making

The Magic of Mindful Potion Making

Empowering Young Minds with Affirmations and Spells
The power of the mind is a wonderful thing. A child's mind is so full of wonder and imagination, they have an intrinsic belief in magic and that anything they wish for can come true. With the creation of our Mindful Magic Potion Kits, mindful potion play has become a creative way to introduce self care and mindfulness to creative young minds.
Read below about how Mindful Potion Play can help conjure up magic and empower our little magic makers towards a positive mind.
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  1. The Essence of Mindful Potion Making

We loved creating potions as children, the idea that as little alchemists or witches we could make wishes that could come true, that we could conjure up whatever fantasy was in our mind. Mindful potion making, to us, is such a core memory, its nostalgia fills us with delight, and we love passing this feeling onto our children and experiencing the connection of mindful play together. The essence of Mindful potion making is really mixing together ingredients with intent, and we have created a product that is so much more. Our potion kits are a transformative blend of affirmations, spells, and mindfulness practices.  

I am Enough affirmation card surrounded by moon magic potion ingredients.
  1. Crafting Affirmations: The Spoken Spell

Affirmations are positive statements that can help change our thought patterns. They’re like spells we cast on ourselves, and when blended with the act of potion making, they can become even more potent. Each of our kits come with affirmation cards but also magical rhyming words (spells) that further set our positive intentions while we play. Potion play is a wonderful way to enhance the meaning of affirmations.

Collage of images all showing potion ingredients. Large image showing liquid sparkly bottles in Blue, purple and Gold.

  1. Ingredients with Intent

At The Little Potion Co, each ingredient that we create symbolises a trait, a thought, or an emotion. All the ingredients have been intentionally created by us, and so much thought has gone into each ingredient and its written story. The act of placing an ingredient into a bowl with intent, is the basis of mindfulness.

  1. The Ritual of Creation

The process of making the potion is just as crucial as the outcome. It encourages being in the present moment, focusing on each ingredient and reciting the rhymes. This ritualistic act can be very grounding and this mindful act can serve as a meditation of sorts.

Mother and daughter sitting on a rug reading an affirmation with their potion kit set up all around them. They are out in nature.

  1. Empowering through Connection

When children feel connected to the world around them, they feel empowered. Connecting with themselves as well as their loved ones while making positive potions together, opens up communication and connection with those around you. Parents and carers often say that they had as much fun as their children and enjoyed being able to feel like a child and play again. There is so much magic in potion play.

  1. But what to do with it?

Just the act of potion play is a mindful activity in itself, but if you do want to keep the potion afterwards, you can bottle it up. Sometimes just keeping it close, acts as a constant reminder of the affirmations and intention set during your potion creation. Another way to keep the magic with you is to put a drop onto a toy, crystal or special amulet to ‘infuse’ it with the magic. It becomes an external representation of your wishes and intentions and a reminder of the magic you created. Children can hold on to their magic infused item and do slow belly breaths in and out when they need some time out.

Collage of images showing a crystal, a potion glass vial and a necklace

We all know the saying ‘mind over matter’. When we are in situations that feel out of our control, we as adults can use our minds to self regulate. This is harder for children, but with our Mindful Magic® potion kits, we have created a way for children to use the power of their minds to create real ‘magic’. In a time where self-care, self-love, and mental health are so important, mindful potion making can empower our children's young minds towards a positive future of self belief. 


Happy Magic Making!


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