Come with us through the wardrobe door.  Our magical night with the True Fairies

Come with us through the wardrobe door. Our magical night with the True Fairies

Come with us through the wardrobe door. Our magical night with the True Fairies

One of our favourite stories growing up was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Who hasn’t imagined finding another realm just on the other side of your wardrobe door! Our childhood dreams were answered this weekend with our night at True Fairies home at the Silver Birches Manor at Wyreema Community House. We attended their Introduction to Magic program for adults, a fully immersive experience based on their children's program. Needless to say we had a very magical and fun evening. 

We started with an adult potion from a small bottle on ice and then… we opened the door to a wondrous fairy den through the wardrobe door. Filled with billowing fabric, dangling flowers, toadstools and twinkling fairy lights, it was everything we had once searched for as a child. The rooms at the True Fairies house have been curated by scenic artist and set designer Merinda Backway @mindigo.scenes and are truly magical. 

We then had our first class with our comedic fortune teller who poured us a cup of tea (with our choice if we wanted a little bit of extra magic) and then helped us to read our tea leaves. We then took turns at gazing into a crystal ball (the most incredible sphere of labradorite) and pulling tarot cards. Jacinta and I pulled this card which was most fitting for where we are - two sisters making magic together. 


We had a little break where we could explore the Herbology room and the gift shop where we are excited to see our potion kits selling really well to all the little fairy lovers. Honestly the True Fairies house is such a perfect fit for us, we are so happy to be part of their small collection of magic available.


To end the night, we headed to the apothecary potion room, full of rows and shelves filled with bottles of any potion ingredient you could ever need. Professor Snape introduced the room and this is where things got spooky... With the winds starting to pick up outside and the rain starting to pitter patter, all of a sudden BOOM, a large thunder crack overhead. You couldn’t have planned it any better, we all jumped out of our seats. It absolutely added to the whole experience, but even without, it was such a fun introduction to magic potions class. Especially the Adult potion to got to Drink!


Strangely, this print was on the staircase wall here at True Fairies and was also on the wall at the Store of Requirement when we went there last year. We also grew up with this print of a young boy on our wall at home. Our mum and dad bought it from a street stall in Paris when they lived there for a year when they were first married. Funny that it is now following us on our magical adventures.

It was so nice to have a night out and do something for ourselves. As wonderful as the night was, we felt a little guilty that we’d booked ourselves in but the kids missed out. We’ll be keeping an eye on their next school holiday bookings and can’t wait to take the kids for the True Fairies experience.

Bridging the gap between imagination and reality - Jessica Shaw, Director, The True Fairies Company.

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