Our Original potion to call the Easter Bunny

Our Original potion to call the Easter Bunny

Our Original potion to call the Easter Bunny

Easter means different things to different people. Our family doesn't celebrate the religious side of Easter but we do celebrate family connection, love, sharing with others and a little bit of magic. One of my fondest Easter memories is standing outside in the dark with our Dad, looking up at the starry night sky, with its bright full moon and Dad telling us how the Easter bunny lives on the moon. And if you look up, you can see the Easter bunny’s feet and ears sticking out of bed. The image is so vivid in my mind and I think about it every time I look at the moon, my imagination running wild at the magic of the world and the joy of our lived experiences.
Easter Potion to call the Easter Bunny

Easter is a special time of magic and excitement for many children. The idea of waking up on Easter Sunday to a basket of eggs, some colourful new pyjamas, an easter egg hunt or another special treat. Well we all remember that feeling of happiness, good fortune and excitement. Now that I’m older and have my own children, I feel so grateful that our parents created such magic for us.

In Australia, a lot of families like to go away at Easter, camping or on other adventures. We went camping for the first time with our daughter at Easter time, before she’d ever tasted a chocolate Easter egg. We didn’t get to go again for a while but the next time we did, she was a little concerned that the Easter bunny would not find us while we were away. We made a little potion to guide the Easter bunny down from the moon, with chopped up carrots, some grass and leaves from our camp spot and some river water. We poured the potion in the spot we wanted the bunny to land and lo and behold the Easter eggs arrived to just that spot!

Easter Potion to call the Easter bunny

Our Easter potion has improved a bit since then, and we’ve made it easier for you to take your easter potion with you wherever you go. All you need is a bowl and some water (oh and some chopped up carrot for good measure if you please). The pouch contains the potion ingredients Moonstones (of course) Hop Hop Crunch, Easter Spirit and Dried Carrot. Just add water to make a fizzing, sparkly, shimmery beautiful potion. You can always add some extra grass and leaves as well, I mean who doesn’t love a little nature collection! Recite the magical words from the card, do the bunny hop and then leave your potion where you want the Easter Bunny to land. In the morning the Easter bunny should have left you a special treat!

We've been making our original call the Easter bunny potion for 5 years now. It’s the very first product we made way back in March 2019 for a local market before launching our mindful potion kits in September 2019. It’s had a few tweaks and changes each years but it’s one of our favourites and we’re so glad it brings so much joy to little potion makers across the lands.


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