The Magic of a December Box: Bringing Holiday Joy to Little Ones

The Magic of a December Box: Bringing Holiday Joy to Little Ones

The Magic of a December Box: Bringing Holiday Joy to Little Ones

The holiday season has a unique way of making us feel like children again. There's something in the air – perhaps it's the chill, the festive lights, or the gentle hum of carols – that evokes a sense of wonder and nostalgia. As parents, we always look for ways to make this time even more memorable for our little ones. And that's where the idea of a December Box comes in!
If you haven't heard of it before, a December Box is a curated collection of gifts and surprises meant to capture the essence of the holiday season, revealed to the child on the first of December. Think of it as an advent calendar, but with a personal touch and less focus on counting down days and more emphasis on pure enchantment.

Why Create a December Box?

The fun and joy of putting together a December Box is unparalleled. It's an opportunity to let your creativity shine, to dive deep into what makes the holiday season so special for your family, and to craft a collection of gifts that your child will cherish. Each item in the box is a tiny capsule of love, joy, and the magic that the festive season brings.

Festive Trio Magic potion set with twinkling lightsInspiration for a magical December Box

Here are some items and ideas that can put and create from your December Box magical:

MAGICAL POTIONS - of course their can't be the Magic of Christmas without adding some magic. Crafting potions can become a family activity, It's a shared experience that can become a treasured holiday tradition, strengthening family bonds.

Our Festive trio magic set, is perfect for a December box and bringing in the Christmas season. With an Elf magic potion to firstly celebrate the start of the festive fun. Perhaps use some of its magic to pop on your santa letter, or a potion to bring happiness to your home.The Snow fairy in the kit is the perfect for making any sensory play set up more wintery. Pop the snow in the freezer and then make a mini snowman from it, or perhaps use it to set up your Snowy Christmas sensory play. The Christmas fairy helps grant Christmas wishes. You can even then use the potion to make garden paper. 

Christmas Eve Potion Pouch - is a fun and cheerful potion making kit is for those wanting to create their own magical tradition this Christmas. Our Christmas Wishes potion card is a way to give gratitude and thanks for the year past and make some wishes for the year ahead. Our Call the Reindeer potion will ensure Santa and his reindeer find you wherever you are. Watch the potion fizz and sparkle as the joy and excitement of Christmas morning sparks true magic in our hearts and minds.  

Christmas Books to read with kids

Holiday Storybook: A new storybook can be the highlight of the box. Choose a book that fits the season and your family traditions, and enjoy bedtime readings throughout December. We are obsessed with A Woodland Christmas , Alaskas Magical Christmas and for a more crafty approach,  Wild Celebrations by Your Wild books. 

Christmas matching family pj's Australia

Christmas Pj’s: Theres something about seasonal celebrations that we seem to love wearing seasonal Pj’s.. and who doesn’t love a family matching Christmas pair, including fur babies. Peggy Road would have to be one of our favourite for the whole family. For a most cost effective option, opt for some Christmas themed socks for the whole family. We love Happy Socks!

Young girl in white dress and blonde hair, painting wooden christmas decorations in front of a christmas tree. Items come in a Christmas kit

DIY Craft Kit: Engage your child's creativity with a DIY ornament-making kit or a greeting card set. It’s a fun activity and a way for them to gift their creation to someone they love.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite craft products:

Eco Art and Craft - do amazing Christmas themed kits

My Creative box - Everything you need in one box for Craft activities they also have some wonderful Craft Free Downloads you’ll find HERE

Beadie bug play - Lots of christmas themed sensory and playdough inspired products, perfect for christmas learning experiences during December. 

Poppy and Daisy - Eco conscious and beautiful art craft boxes perfect for keeping the children entertained this Christmas season. 

Our My Heart Blooms Self love potion kit also is a great potion to make this time of year focusing on self love. The Potion then can make magic garden paper to create meaningful and loving gift tags for your family and friends.

Christmas Craft ideas, including christmas bio cutters, christmas craft kits and air dry clay Christmas tree decorations using a star cutter. 

Baking Set: What's December without some home-baked goodies? A festive cookie cutter, combined with a simple recipe and sprinkles, can set the stage for memorable baking sessions.

We are obsessed with Easy peasy Cakes who have incredible baking kits from Christmas themed cookies, ice cream and cup cake sets and they do the best Edible Stickers to decorate your cupcakes or even your kids sandwiches. 

We might be Tiny cookie stamps and also the Beadie bug bio cutters that double up as cookie cutters too. The Xmas recipe book from We Might be tiny, has so many recipes to follow, or check out their Christmas Blogs for some great baking ideas. 

Pop in a simple packet of Hot chocolate and some marshmallows too, those cozy cups and christmas movies. 


Baking ideas for christmas with kids

Holiday Playlist: Curate a list of cards with your family’s favorite festive tunes or movies and add those to the box too . Whether it’s classic carols or fun pop renditions, music & movies are sure to set the holiday mood.

Advent Calendar : Last but not least, we love sharing and teaching our children about the true meaning of Christmas, about sharing kindness to everyone, and this beautiful Calendar by Sharing Kindness is a must for every December box. Their Kindness advent calendar will empower you and your family in a fun and interactive way. Not only encouraging kids to be kind to others, but also teaching self-kindness, confidence and resilience building activities.

Advent calendar kindess

In essence, the December Box is a container of memories waiting to be made. It's not just about the items but the experiences they foster: reading together, crafting, baking, dancing, or simply revealing in the magic of imagination.

As you craft your December Box this year, remember that the true value lies not in the monetary worth of the items but in the thought, effort, and love you pour into it.

Here's to a holiday season filled with joy, magic, and the sweet sound of children's laughter!


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