Who needs Prince Charming when you have potions to create your own fairytale! 

Who needs Prince Charming when you have potions to create your own fairytale! 

Who needs Prince Charming when you have potions to create your own fairytale! 

Many children are fascinated by the idea of magical creatures like fairies, unicorns and dragons. While these creatures may or may not be real (thats up to you to decide), the stories that feature them can teach important lessons. Fairytales often have moral messages, such as the importance of being kind or staying true to yourself. These stories can promote positive values such as bravery and resilience.

Here at The Little Potion Co, we turn these magical stories into real life situations and encourage children to find their inner magic through potion play

One of our lovely stockists told us that some of her customers don’t like to read fairytales. I get it. The dashing prince saving the princess? It’s not quite real life is it? I was the same when my daughter was born. But she has been gifted a few fairy tale books and she loves them. It’s hard, as I remember how much I loved them as a kid but I of course don’t want to perpetuate the fairytale myth. I must say that now I use them as a learning experience, opening up communication and discussing how this is not how relationships really work.

One of the reasons we created our Once Upon a Potion kit was to inspire our kids to be the hero in their own happy ending! Opening up conversations through potion play is our favourite thing to do! 

Inside our Once Upon a Potion kit you will find these magical ingredients:

ENCHANTED ROSE: These enchanted rose petals are perfect in forever brave potions, happily ever after potions and the most important love potions of all - self love potions.

PUMPKIN SPICE: Created by a grand magical fairy long ago, this transformative ingredient can be used in potions for confidence, change and growth. Unlike other pumpkin ingredients, this magical fizz will continue to work long after the stroke of midnight.

EVER AFTER SERUM: The essence of a good fairytale comes from the strength and bravery of its characters. Use this tonic to overcome difficult situations and give you the bravery to create your own happily ever after.

WICKED TONIC:  Whisk away your worries with this wicked tonic. This tonic is stronger than any evil Queen and can be used in protection and banishing potions. 

POISONED APPLE DUST: Originally created by a wicked witch, this magic apple dust could send a person into a deep sleep. For a good night's sleep, make a potion with this ingredient, bottle it up and place it under your bed. But be warned, only use a small amount to ensure you wake up in the morning. 

BLUE FAIRY DUST:  This most magical of fairy dusts has been known to grant wishes, break curses, create change and promote positive thoughts. Use this magical ingredient to make any potion stronger.

So you see, our kits aim to retell the stories of old and put children front and centre of their own destiny, one potion at a time!

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