5 fun ways to entertain kids during lockdown (that last more than 5 minutes).

5 fun ways to entertain kids during lockdown (that last more than 5 minutes).

5 fun ways to entertain kids during lockdown (that last more than 5 minutes).

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Well here we are again at Lockdown Number 5. We’ve been here before and we’ve learnt a thing or two about entertaining kids at home during lockdown. These are some of our tried and tested ideas and products that seem to entertain the kids for more than 5 minutes.

      1. Digital downloads

We love a digital download! We released our own digital downloads for the last school holidays. Were we in lockdown then? Who knows? But they were so well received and have been reprinted a few times now. My daughter also loves finding colouring in sheets on line and making them into a book. Find our digital download pack here

      2.  Potions

Well of course we make potions for a living and we may be a little biased, but potion making seems to keep our little potion makers busy for a while. We have a lot of our own potion kits on hand but you can experiment with things you can find around the house - make potions with pots and pans, bicarb and vinegar, water and kitchen ingredients and even shampoo (yes we’ve had many people purchase our kits after they found their kids pouring their expensive shampoo in the sink - we recommend using the cheap stuff for this kind of potion play haha). You will find a potion sheet in our free digital downloads to guide you to make your own potions.

Image: @reign_and_alro   

  3. Nature Map

Our nature map has been really popular throughout multiple lockdowns and is a great activity to do during your one hour of exercise (sigh). It is also fun to colour in. Sign up to our email list to receive this one.

      4. Playdough

Playdough is perfect for little makers and even big ones too. Playdough is so versatile and keeps all ages busy for more than 5 minutes (usually). We love this recipe by Imagination Tree https://theimaginationtree.com/best-ever-no-cook-play-dough-recipe/
Our little potion makers love using our new cauldron cutter and stamp sets but you can also use other things you find around the house and pantry, crystal chips, beans, dried herbs, glitter. We love adding some lavender essential oil to our playdough for those calming vibes. Our digital downloads (see above) have a colouring in sheet of ingredients that can be cut up and used in playdough for pretend potion play.

   5. Cape Colouring

Our little potion testers have been testing out a new product for us this lockdown... Our new colouring in cape which will be released this week. This activity has honestly been the best for entertainment. Our eldest potion maker spent 5 hours colouring in this cape (that's way more than 5 minutes). He then wore it on his outdoor adventures and it sparked so many ideas for play. We imagine that this will continue to be worked on and played with for a long time. Our paper wand from our digital downloads is a perfect match for this one.

For more play ideas head over to some amazing play accounts on instagram:
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