Say goodbye to Orange and Black and hello to Gelato inspired Halloween!

Say goodbye to Orange and Black and hello to Gelato inspired Halloween!

Say goodbye to Orange and Black and hello to Gelato inspired Halloween!

If you asked our kids, Halloween has always been about the Candy. So with the trend of PASTEL Halloween this year (Ok let's face it, its been a few years now) we wanted to created a Halloween potion play set up in this style. 
Pastel Halloween Potion set up birds eye view

There has been such a movement over the past few years to move away from just the dark and spooky that has always been Halloween and put a more of a "candy-coated" colour pallet to Halloween decoration and themes. 

So with the inspiration we have seen through Pinterest, instagram and blogs such as "A Beautiful Mess" and "A Kailo chic life" we decided it was time to get out those pastel tones and create a potion play set up for Halloween that was light, bright and represented the Spring season of Halloween that we are actually in, here in Australia. 


Collage of Pastel Halloween set up

To create this pastel style potion set up (especially good if you have some little ones that are a bit too scared of the spooky side of Halloween), start with painting some pumpkins. We used light-up plastic pumpkins from Kmart (these were last year but hopefully they'll have something similar this year - you can also use real pumpkins) We painted them with pastel paints (such as peach, sage green, and dark lilac tone) mixed with bicarb to give them texture. 

We then added Bio Glitter from "The Glitter Tribe" to finish the look and of course give this look some sparkle. You can never have too much sparkle and the left overs can be used in the potion making of course. We sell it HERE

For a great recipe for chalk paint pumpkins, check out this Crayola blog and all their other Halloween Craft. 

We also included plaster skulls and pumpkins from Kmart, that we decided would make great cauldrons. We painted patterns such as flowers and even Ghost fingerprints that we created using our thumb print (watch this tiktok here for how to create them). 


Next it was time to set the rest of the scene. We used a pastel peach backdrop to set the spring vibe and give of that candy flavour, we also knew it would work well with our cobweb decorations and black spiders. Allowing the spiders to feel less spooky. We introduced black spider web decorations and a wooden Trick or Treat sign that we also painted and added glitter sparkle to. 

We used a soft linen table cloth on the table to keep with the light and bright feel, along with wooden boards, wooden ingredients pots, our Sister Moon black Cauldron and our Beadie Bug pastel peach pumpkin tray. 

We also added some dried botanicals in a vase, to add some greenery and nature to the table. 

We then added our Limited Edition Trick or Treat potion kit for the ingredients. Bringing in just a touch of spooky to set off the candy themed set up. 

For some extra spooky ideas:

  • Look at adding chia seeds or psyllium husk for a gooey mess
  • Black eyes peas or candy eyes for spooky or sweet eyes
  • Colour some rice or vermicelli noodles to make spiders legs.
  • Add some creepy plastic bugs
  • Don't forget the Bio Glitter to make it extra sparkly.  
  • Check out our previous blog post for more spooky play ingredient ideas.

The children had so much fun creating their Witches brew. It kept them entertained for many hours. 

Our Trick or Treat Potion kit for 2023 is now live. Find it HERE.


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